Where’s My Water Mobile Review For Android And Ios

wheres my water review


Some time ago GameSaku give me video game Where’s My Water, we select the game because the Where’s My Water Mobile Review For Android And Ios is one of our favorite games. Read on to learn why the Where’s My Water became a game Favourite GameSaku.

Introduce “Swampy the Aligator”, Swampy is crocodile living in dirty place but not as a monster other, Swampy loved the cleanliness and art. But the crocodile-crocodile other does not love to see swampy bath to maintain cleanliness and decided to sabotage swampy. Fortunately there are ye, you will help swampy get the water it needs.

To help swampy you must clean the channel with the way swipe your fingers in the screen so that the land that is preventing the lost, and water can pass through to the bathroom swampy. The water will fall following the path that you create by following the laws of physics such as in everyday life.

In total there are 140 level which you can play. Each level is made with good, smart and enjoyable. Of course not segampang is to send the water into the swampy, along the level you will find obstacles such as waste water or the poison that if into swampy channel will be directly over the game. Where is My Water carry genre puzzle so you will meet with the stages that challenge, but this is where the beauty of the where is my water, every puzzlenya ke with this and it is not difficult to solve but remain challenging.

In every level there will be a 3 rubber ducks that you can take to skip the water into the ducks. This is not required ducks taken but thus is challenging and also add score. Some control as the tap water or barrier knob introduced along the game running so that we can follow this game with comfortable and not confused with the control too much earlier in the game. In the game there are also goods are placed in secret and if we managed to collect it then collection we will increase and bonus level will open. Unique in this bonus level we can play with using gyro control (pan the iphone or ipad so that any water flow according to the movement of the device).

I do not have any protests about this game. Where is My water is an exciting puzzle game can be played all age and have a good graphics and funny. If yesterday you not those twitter give away Where’s My Water Mobile Review For Android And Ios Then I recommend to buy this game because this game also cheap  or leave a comment below if there is a minimum of 20 comments we will facilitate a more twitter give away to the where is my water. So now allow me to play back, no crocodile that no longer need to water to wash.

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