To Be Together Review : Game For Valentine Day

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Valentine’s Day lived momentarily, but whether among the faithful reader GameSaku still single instead?? So if there is stillinstead, at least you can help the couple Maya and Ruby to unite back in the game To Be Together . Yes you gather the reward, who knows with the reward of helping Maya and Ruby you even get’s parents decisionto?? 😀

Game Engulfed Together tells the lover couple namely Maya and Ruby separated in between 2 platform. For that this game will require you to unite them both in one the same place. You can pass a level if already successfully unify Maya and Ruby.
How to play this game is simple enough, in each a level you will see that Maya and Ruby separately in two different platforms. And in each of their levels there are many things that you can use to unite them. For example only the clouds fly or the crescent moon to the men who can fly. To move the things, you just tap in that object and then slide to the place that you want.

After you arrange the objects needed in place, you can start a level with the tap icon play in the top right corner. New after that you will see Maya or Ruby rolling and hope Maya or Ruby glide to the right direction while collecting 3 stars in each of their levels to get a perfect score.
Not taste puzzle game if you do not have a challenge that can make you play time geregetan. In each of their levels in addition there are things that can help you, there are also things that can make you lose. For example such as the electricity or other small creatures made of iron. If exposed to one of the objects, then you have to repeat the level again from the beginning.

The other challenge is also derived from the additional items that you can get in some level only. If you have successfully gathered all the items that is usually in the form of the puppets of the beast, then you will get a reward in the form of additional level that you can play. This additional item system similar as there are in a game Where’s My Water ? And also Where’s My Perry?.

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The IAP in this game can be used to buy a light bulb. Light bulb will be useful when you feel stuck playing a level. But quiet only because of the use of light bulb only optional features, then the IAP in this game is only optional only.
Frankly that makes me like this game is the background sound of this game is very cheerful. Heard it only made me always remembers the game GunBound memories that I always play when still sitting in JUNIOR HIGH. Besides that the graphic is good enough, there was never the impression laggy when I play this game.

Overall my To Be Together Review is a puzzle game that is quite exciting. Especially if remember that Valentine’s Day stay for a little while longer, romantic theme that carried on the game Engulfed Together this is the right strategy. So if you are searching for the theme games Valentine you should try a game of this one.

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