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Jumping Pro

After know Vivid Games through the game Real Boxing, this time they come back with the ski jumps Pro. This game is the Sequel wished everyone continued from Super ski jumping pro which is present in the Android. Seems Vivid Games specialist for game categories sports. This tercemin from some of the title of the games which he had made. The question of how the quality of Skiing Jumping Pro itself?

Play as Ski athletes Jumping (I did not find the Indonesian language fit for this sports), you duty to make the jump so far and contrasts sharply may. Indeed some people Indonesia is not familiar with the types of sports is because of the tropical climate of this country. But quiet, how to play not too complex so easily learned for all people, even that have not heard this sports previously.

How to play in the game is divided into 3 stages. Glide, skip, and landed. All of this must be done with perfect to obtain the distance of the farthest jump. Two types of control provided, simple and pro. To the beginning of the better you choose the simple in order to learn this game. There will be a circle of the large and small round circle amid the screen. This great circle will always move (from large to small). You have to do is tap the screen on when the orb of the small and large meet and produce green color.

Good to glide, skip and also landed all using the same control 1. Impressed easy, but you must keep the concentration in order to get a perfect value. The Game is divided into 2 modes, Quick Jump and Career mode. Career mode is divided in 2 championship great Continental Cup and the World Cup. Inside you will find many areas to make the leap with a record which you must defeat.

As much as possible extend to get practical ranks 1 because in every ramp, you will be given 2 times the opportunity but only to rangkin 1-21 only. The score you get will 5.000 in a championships to determine the winner of the championship (similar rank system).

Such as games) BLASTS, the characters you play can also updated their status from focus, Take-Off, Flight, until Landing. This update can be purchased using a coin that is obtained after the match is complete. Each time to update, the price for the next update will be increased $50. In addition, various accessories such as helmets, clothes, shoes, gloves and also the sliding board also can improve the status of you but can only be purchased using the star obtained each complete 1 the championship.

Pro quick jump

If you are getting bored with the simple control because regard it too easy, should you switch to the control pro where you can have more control over the characters with more precise are caused by the encouragement of the wind or the speed and so on. Additional button can also be obtained when using controls Pro where you can get a boost the first time when glide.

Graphics sector, this game can be said to be balanced enough with Real Boxing, even though the effect of the Unreal Engine is more impressed realistic. The environment is made with enough detail. The effect of the wind and snow also felt very good. Unfortunately commentators who led the match only in the settings for 2 types of only, so that I find the same comments repeated.

One other things that still felt with Real Boxing and become weak points in this game is skill is not too useful to solve the record in each ramp. Needed also some status updates and also control selection Pro to support the mission.

Ski Jumping Pro Review is a fun enough game to you play. His 3D graphics really give a realistic experience as play ski jumps in general. With the introduction of the price of $0.99, this game enough worth to you enjoy.

Ski Jumping Action

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