sea stars is bored game


Endless games or a game that is not the story and there is no finally where, may be interesting for some people. The purpose of this game is to gain as many score and compete with your friends in the Game Center. This is not displayed in the Sea Star. In fact the game such as this is not a new thing to do in the environment App Store, tp seems to Sea Stars want to compete with a kind of Jetpack suksesor Joyride.

Even when I try this game, can virtually Sea Stars such as the Jetpack blog wanna-be or copycat though with the environment that is different. May be virtually Jetpack Joyride more caters to the male segment while the Sea Stars to among women. Go to the game, I think you all know how to pay maininnya directly. You just enough to touch the screen device you to control the character in this game.

Because of the different environment same Jetpack Joyride, i quite difficulty to control the fish (characters in this game). Difficult because the fish over 1 floats above the water and there is the force of gravity or whatever it is that is a little difficult to make fish dancing in the bottom of the surface of the water. In this way also makes me difficulties to collect a coin that is because there are some that spotnya coin above the waters of the sea.

The interesting part I love is that we can take shellfish, who will vote gifts and can be used directly, ga as Jetpack that collects the first and new token can be used if you have a game over. Another interesting studendts step, if you successfully make the leap 7, the birds will go out at the same time with many a coin that you can collect.

The rest is the same as the Jetpack, you bs buy different characters, upgrade additional animals after a star of the sea, the connection to the Game Center for the same rival of my friends are my friends are ye, and missions which you must complete.

If you have already bored with Jetpack or love with the environment the sea, perhaps you will love this game. So enjoy your journey like a sea stars in the ocean.



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