Roar Rampage Review : Godzila On Your IOS

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Imagine, a game where we will be acting as Godzilla and duty to destroy the various object and the enemy. Will be cool once not? But until this time I had never find a game with such a concept until the Roar Rampage (RR) come to the App Store. Of course not deliberately this game were made to resemble the film Godzilla, only i inplement it.

In this game you will act as the right hand of the dino giants that takes revenge by attacking a city. I mean the right hand here is actually the right hand with the meaning literally. Sarongs fist will become the weapons you in destroying every building that is in the city.
Because only the right hand is used in this game, you only have 1 control in the Roar Rampage Review namely swipe. The hand can you move like wayang puppets, because gliding the likeness of the object. Swipe from left to right direction, top and bottom to beat movement. Meanwhile the dino will automatically walk to find the building or the enemy that can be destroyed. To survive the attacks of the enemy, you can soften the beragai shots with sarongs fist person that you use.

The enemy will come from the right direction with the form of aircraft or someone who attacked from the building. Each time you destroy buildings or the enemy then there will be a diamond that you can take. This will be the currency in this game. I feel the physical force used

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in this game runs perfectly, for example when you hit the enemy Swipe very hard, then hit produced will also be equivalent.  The Game  is divided into 2 main mode is the story mode through several levels and also endless mode. In leveling mode you will be invited to walk around in 3 different world where each there are 15 level that you can complete. At the end of the level, you will find a target of the fist that has numbers 1-5. This figure will be a multiplier in every level.

To add variety in the game while gather stones, you can also collect various letters to form words “BONUSES”. When it has reached the bonus level will be obtained by playing games Brick Breaker, where you must be banged the ball to break the glass contains precious stones. Bonus level will end when you did not successfully hit the ball again.

Various power ups and supporting items also provided such as various types of glove boxes that you can buy using precious stones that you can. Unfortunately slot to bring power ups is only available 1, so you should really choose power ups which is the most you need.
RR also provides various clothes and other decorations such as glasses and tattoos to mendadani the dino. But to get the goods of grinding the length on the endless mode you must do. Section to buy 1 shirt only you need 8000 stones, meanwhile you can only produce approximately 100 precious each complete a level. When you do not desire to get shortcut with how to buy the IAP.

From the graphical sector, Roar Rampage Review compiled with pixel style art are neatly. Pixel size that small businesses be added value for this sector because the image so did not seem too retro and delicious to be seen. The music is also not bad, once, even reminds me of the street games of antiquity. Unfortunately this is not accompanied by the mechanics of the game is not yet complete because some times I find that I could not take the precious is convenient is at the top of the head of the dino caused by the reach of the hand that is too short.

With the price of $0.99, RR deserves to be at the iOs you. Especially when you love with destructive effects produced in this game, you must play it. The lack of in game mechanical sector and over grinding only to get the accessories that do not bring the influence of anything to the characters could not make it got the value perfect.

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