Peppa Pig Swimming Game Review : Endless Runner From The Pig World

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peppa pig swimming game developed by Shang Yu Creative is a game Action Endless Runner the latest available in App Store. You will act as a that can fly and are able to change into the 5 forms of the superhero. If you want to know more complete any form of changes that s can do, you should read the review this time.

Just like the story of the superhero, women close to you abducted by the Bos evil. For that you should regain the affections of women you in the place of the bos evil. Ironically is because this game bergenre endless runer then actually you will never find women adoration you in this game.

Gameplay from the game include a peppa pig is quite simple. You only need to fly as far as possible while collecting fruit (a coin) and at the same time you should also avoid animals that are in the arena where you play. Different from the other runner endless game, the characters you play here will have HP (health point) itself. Crashing into 1 animals will decrease slightly from HP you and if HP you out so the game ended.

Uniquely you can fill the HP you which decreases from the fruits of which you gather. Besides the fruit you collect earlier can also fill the turbo bar in the top right corner of the screen you. After the turbo is fully charged you can use it with the tap on the icon of the turbo. When using the turbo button you will get the gem from the animals that you these and HP you also will not be reduced.

How to control the enough with the tap, tap once then the s will fly a little. Tap long then the s will fly the higher. Can pretty much control in the game include a peppa pig is exactly the same as the control is in the game Jetpack Joyride.

peppa pig

Another interesting feature that belongs to the game include a peppa pig is power up. To create interesting is because of power up that you get will change the characters you play random to other superhero as Captain America, Cyclops from characters X-Men until the Ninja that can produce Shuriken but remain with the form of a 😀 Agency To use the features of the power up, you just take things such as small shield that has a new wing after that power up feature will automatically can you use.

At the game menu i find 2 writings coming soon that might be issued in the next version of this game. The first is the writing coming soon that is located in front of the statue in the form of a while the second is the writing coming soon that is in front of the map. Perhaps both is a new character that you can play and also a new map that can be used as a new play arena.

Overall My peppa pig swimming game Review pig is still worthy to play. Graphics and sound is still in level that can be enjoyed. But it seems this game is still a lot of PR which must be repaired, as the function of the gem is not clear, power up that can be upgraded to add other characters that are not bored when play it. But with the price that I could not free many protests not?


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