My Car Salon 2 Mobile Review as Sally Salon but with the theme

I download My Car Salon 2 without knowing exactly what I would play and found My Car Salon 2 is a game Time Management as Sally Salon but with the theme of a car workshop. This is a genre which is a little rare i play, but My Car Salon 2 provides experience that exclamation point and make you addicted.

The concept of game very simple thing, cars will start waiting curiously and you must be assigned the car to station in accordance with the request of the car. Suppose a car requires the succession of shock breaker then you just tap and hold the car to a station surpriseded unbranded breaker. Some cars can directly finished and directly toward the cashier where you must also tap the cashier so that the payment can be done.

My Car Salon 2 Review Mobile

But to make more exciting again some cars need more than one improvement so you must be wise smart-set flow car because station improvement of the car is limited. If you leave the car too long without an action then the car will be angry and immediately go. In core gameplay there is no change from the game that bergenre another.

My Car Salon 2 available for free by relying on the IAP so that you will find some of the items that can only be purchased with the IAP. But I already play long enough around 75% without IAP and remains comfortable to play especially because there are no advertisements in this game. To help the work you can rent additional mechanic, now there are some mechanic that can be bought with money in the game, there must be using the coin that although are also given in the game but very little amount.

My Car Salon 2 have 9 level which can be played and each level has a different workshop layout. To reach the next level you need 2 different status, the first is the amount of money and the second is the number of consumer satisfaction. So there is no number of specific sublevel for each a level, so you achieve target then you will information to the next level.

The money that you collect in the game can you use to purchase additional station so that you can serve more customer. And if gamenya is quite crowded and hectic so you can use a helper items such as lighting or road blocker, lighting will make the workers you work more quickly while road blocker will make a car stopped coming to the workshop you so that you can complete the first car that has come. This Item can only be purchased using the coin.

My Car Salon 2 Review Mobile

You may now a little lazy to hear some elements inside using the IAP, but actually once you play IAPnya not too felt what again if you mingle set flow from the cars. Fortunately some mechanic also still can be bought with money in the game so there is no problem at all, although brace themselves especially point at the end of the end of gamenya feels quite difficult but I think it is still fair with the price of the games free.

My Car Salon 2 has a graphic that good enough and high resolution even though there is no really special. Overall My Car Salon 2 is the game time management which is quite exciting and fun. The implementation of IAPnya quite neatly and very tempting to purchased, which means that they do it correctly. Cheers.

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