inbetween land walkthrough : a game adventure mixed with spices and herbs

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Inbetween Land is one of the many games From G5 Entertainment that will make you drift away into the story of the game. To genre indeed seems to G5 very focused to create bergenre game Hidden Object, so also with this game. But that should be sought for know is whether this game is different in the sense of a more exciting or may be the same as the game hidden object from G5 Entertainment the other?? Well, This Is My review a game .

Inbetween Land tells Mary who is the roommate you in the orphanage that has become the Spirit. Mary became the Spirit because he entered into an island that floats over the place of the city you are (Inbetween Land). You are aware of Mary in times of danger must go into the island to save him. For that you must go into every room that is on the island while looking for know where the layout of the body of Mary is located. there will be a lot of clue clue that you should search in every room. Even in this game you may have to go back to go into a room together to find out where the layout of the clue is in the room. Yes can virtually gameplay itself is still the same with the game G5 others namely Abyss: Wraith of Eden that never GameSaku review also previously. So you not only search for the object of the existing object in a picture but play a puzzle as well as gather every clue to continue to find out how to continue this game.

For example you must be to the floor 3 in the island, but in fact the button lift so that you can rise to the floor is damaged and requires a gear that is convenient is on the floor. Therefore you must be to the floor 2 first to find gear with how to complete a puzzle or find an object that is on the floor of the 2. Puzzle provided varies for example fitting 3 the fruit of the circle with the appropriate color of each circle. There is also a puzzle such as constructing a tube so that the smoke that is in the pipeline out at the end of the specified. If in the abyss: Wraith game of Eden you can get the hint help) which is not limited in the games Inbetween Land you will still get it. But after you use it you have to wait for the back some time if you want to use the hint that again.

inbetween land walkthrough

If play this game too easy for you, then I recommend to try the three levels of difficulty that this game provide the casual day, advance and expert. The difference is that time charging hint that you can use when playing. If a casual day and time charging can still relatively short enough, then if at the level of the experts of the time charging hint him will be a very long time. Or maybe if you really experts for games like this, then you can be challenging yourselves not to use the hint at all. To the way of the story, indeed Inbetween Land is enough to make I floated for almost 4 hours to complete. In addition the environment where I play is very comfortable to play, even though it is some times i must draw near the screen to my eyes when must seek object-object in a picture. So for this game graphics affairs already package with very good.

The conclusion, Inbetween Land is a game adventure mixed with spices and herbs hidden object which is very fun to play. The story is strong enough for gameplay challenging make this game very worthy to played by anyone and for all ages.


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