Hungry Shark Evolution – We Are Predator All you Can Eat

Hungry Shark Evolution

The last few days, it seems I spend more time playing the game in the smartphone rather than the PC and PS4. Not because of the difficulty of having fun looking for a trophy in The Clash Royale or Implosion – Never lose hope that new opportunity i play, but due to the latest games made in Future Games of London who is able to make me forget the time: Hungry Shark Evolution

This game is the shoot of Evolution released in 2012 so. this game still have gameplay that is similar to its predecessor, but of course there was an increase in various aspects such as graphics, mechanism, until the game features.
If you curious about how exciting the precursor of this game, namely Evolution, Like A games Ubisoft’s publications up to this makes me a little uncared gaming console and PC? To answer, you can listen to own commentaries following.

In this game, you will control a fish sharks use the d-pad virtual to eat all things that move in the ocean, even on the mainland. Compared to the previous series, control in the game is more intuitive and responsive. he purpose of this game is very simple, namely collect the highest score with eating animals sea water birds, until the man as much as possible continuously until the score multiplier that you get also the larger.Feel too easy? What if ‘The longer you survive the game will be more difficult. I think the challenge that makes Hungry Shark Evolution exclamation mark and will astonish always want to play it many times. the longer, sharks the sharks larger than you will arrive, man hunter will also secretly shoot harpunnya to trunk and gives a very great damage. Yet there are submarines that somehow shoot the deal.

But the longer you live, of course and score Gold obtained will be bigger. Gold this is that later can be used to improve the ability of sharks (Speed, Bite, and Boost) or purchase new shark type is greater.In addition to the sharks, you can also purchase pets that will keep you acompany. browsing, and accessories that can provide Gold until the extra score if you wear. Yes, you are not one to read. Sharks possession can be decorated using various accessories such as cool, umbrellas, until moustache.


In this latest shoot the developer gives seventeen sharks with seven different sizes that can be played (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and !!). Each of the sharks and the size has the value of the ability and accessibility that is different. For example, there are some areas in a stage that can only be visited by hiu certain size. So also with other sea creatures that can only eat when sharks possession already meet the defined size.

Mechanism of the game is clearly makes me more curious will be places of interest included in this game. Moreover this game visual quality that is worthy of appreciation will astonish betah to continuously do grinding. The presence of coral reefs, the shipwreck, and the froth the foam separator in the background to make the atmosphere of the game become more evident. Compared with the previous series, you can watch the marine ecosystem more many and delicious seen. Living things that can be eaten also feels more. So that you will feel the tempo faster gaming and exclamation point compared with the previous title.

Hungry Shark Evolution has a total of three stage for you to explore the most beatiful Pacific Island n, the Arctic Ocean that cool down and kept tight by the military forces and the Arabian Sea which is filled by the waste factory. Specific to the Arctic Ocean and the Arabian Sea can you access after having some sharks needed. Each stage has its own special characteristics. Start from the types of different marine animals to eat, unique landmark, new mission, and of course the visual atmosphere that are different from each other.

Hungry Shark Evolution 1

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