Dream House Days Review : Build Your Own Apartement

Dream House Days 2

When we talk about the game from Kairosoft usually we have been able to talk about a game simulation with good quality and gameplay that super fun. But this time the Dream House Days was released with IAP strategy and of course fans Kairosoft will ask whether this will affect the game. I can say that there are still got fun elements and The IAP not too forced but there are some things that I think is different than the previous Kairosoft series.

In game Dream House Days you will act as manager of an apartment where you must make the apartment is seen interesting, filled with tenants and also benefit. Uniquely is that you are also responsible for the lives of people who lived in the apartment from a career until their love life.

Before until there you must first get the tenants for the apartment and things you can do with the design and also put the various furniture to attract tenants. You can set up with enough details of the start of the build the walls to set up the layout of the pool. After the layout is complete and the next is to put the furniture from hauling up to the refrigerator.

You can put as much as possible the furniture but you should consider is the cost of maintenance. The more the furniture would outweigh the cost of the larger month-on-month and this should you compare with the cost of rent paid. Some of the objects are also available in limited so that you must decide not placed in the room where the.

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the next step is to seek the tenants using the advertising services and if there are interested and potential tenants will come and see the rooms. Then you can choose to receive the tenants which (if there are more than 2 applicants). There are two important resource in the game Dream House Days, the first is the money and the second is research point. The money needed to pay the maintenance and also buy some items. While the research point is used to create new furniture and also replacing advertising.

Like other Kairosoft game you will be a little left without a tutorial details. This terseubt makes me a little struggling to understand what is happening in this game, plus again indeed Dream House Days is a game that is quite complex. Each of the tenants has the status of each affecting the love affair, jobs and can also help you find new furniture. They also sometimes can be asked to advise you about many things including decide which candidate that will be proposed by the. 🙂

IAP system in this game is divided into 2 major purchases. The first is remove advertisements in the game and the second is to purchase ticket. This Ticket can be used to give you an item (furniture, money or clothing) and also can be changed with the research point at random. Throughout i play I did not find the necessity to buy what again for those who play relax.

Unfortunately features speed where you can accelerate the game is not available until you buy something in the store the IAP. The problem is this game feels more slowly than in the series other games, may indeed deliberately to encourage the purchase of the IAP. But if you patiently waited for then you will not need this feature and also you will be given a free ticket that measured from how long you play.

Dream House Days 3

Overall My Dream House Days Review felt solid enough as the series before but yah indeed the gameplay is designed to take advantage of the IAP. Kairosoft do it with a very fine, even the IAP can only be bought in the year to 3 over. Dream House Days remains a solid choice for Kairosoft fans especially with the price of the free.

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