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Since the Angry Birds great success in the App Store more also the game with similar genre that emerged in the App Store. One of them is Chicken Little Story which is derived from the Health Pack Games. If in the Angry Birds tells the birds that fight with pigs, CLS tells a hen who is trying to return to the nest was taken by a group of apes.

the first time you play it you will be given excerpts of pictures that tells how the flock of monkeys take the nest that contains the egg of a mother chicken. So in this game you task is to unify the back the mother chicken back to the nest are taken by the apes.

How to play this game is also quite easy because all you play this game controls that you only use tap controls only. For example there is one level when the mother chicken is located on the ground in the form of a small box, while their nests that contain eggs underneath. To complete the level you just tap the land that has been destroyed so that a hen had fallen to the nest underneath. Simple once not??

Well now there are challenges that you will encounter in each of their levels. The first is that you must think about how so that when a hen fell, falling must always lead right to the nest. The second is that you must keep the nest, that apes that there is in each a level not fall into the nest.

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It is still less, this game also offers gameplay mode that you can play the original and Network. In the original gameplay you will play 50 level that is provided by the Health Pack Games. While in gameplay Network, you will play the level of level is made by other players of the game that is in the story of the whole world. And honestly, after play it some time level is made by other players sometimes far more difficult than the level of this game developers themselves.

if you want you can also why don’t contributing to the level to create dizziness players chicken little story others. To do this you just tap the icon Harmer pictured  in the main menu to start the create your own level. After you just send a level that you create it by pressing the icon in the form of the eyes of the arrow blue.

For graphics affairs, this game is not interesting puzzle games in general is quite colorful as Angry Birds or Amazing Alex for example. But I think it is not too disturbing crowing when played. If I create that so lack of this game is the character that there are not too many so that I myself become bored when playing this game in a long time. In addition sound from this game is too simple that even I did not too can hear it.

This Is My Review Chicken little Story This Game available for free in the App Store and also Google Play. While for In App Purchase in this game can you use to clean the “Ads” that exists in this game. So if you were looking for a puzzle game that is not too hardcore to play this game may be you can try.

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