Bike Baron Mobile Review made by the Mountain Sheep

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Heat your motorcycle tires’ and press GO, you are ready to jump, back flip or front flip, and fly in the water. Yep, that is the part that is in the game Bike Baron Mobile Review made in mountain sheep. In this game you play as Baron, a stuntman with motor cross him. Perhaps tempe in Indonesia is quite similar as tong satan is in the circus streets. Kidding guys šŸ˜€

complete with glasses protective helmet skin as big bikeĀ and cats in the back of the motor unit (whether why is there), Baron is ready for missions that is given on each of their levels. The core of this game is that you should be able to control the motor that dikendarinya passes through various tracks that have been provided while collecting a coin. There are 4 types of level is provided, start from Easy, Medium Hard, and Extreme

Each level has a different level of difficulty and has a different target also to get the star. E.g. in medium level you must do 3x frontflip, beat time and pick up all coins, while in level easy you only need to reach target reach the finish line, beat time and pick up all coins.

Each target has been achieved you will get 1 star which can be used to unlock to the next game in the level. its so fun , you should not achieve target all in one time play in each game. You can try repeatedly to pursue the target and get the star. This is where addiction on this game, because I myself feel curious to continue to complete the game to get the 3 star.

Sometimes I laughed every time Baron fall because of Securities that is made by the Mountain Sheep is funny and comfort. The latest update this game was made in order to halloween yesterday with the addition of special level Halloween in level easy, medium and hard with pumpkin instead of a coin and you can change the characters Baron with monstrosities as riders motor.

In all settings as usual, you can adjust the volume of the music and the position of the control unless there were 1 unique features of the ghost On. To activate, Baron shadow shaped like ghost, appear to come into play. Other features are not less important is the User Level Editor. You can Increase you imagination in creating a track and you can share a track you or download tracks that friend you create.

One of the lack of this game i think, sometimes there are some graphics section “bug”. An example that I can, Bike Baron Mobile Review can runningĀ amid the boards of. Ohh yes another, download system in user level editor is still not optimal. You will get notification in the form of email messages each friends sharing user a level, but after I try the email system is not working. And you must ask itself to track generator, what code to download the track.

Bike Baron Mobile Review

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