Anomaly Korea Review : Very Fresh In Terms Of The Concept

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For those who already have to play Warzone , then this time contains the type of new enemy, quality graphic that more detail with animation-animation that more fresh, some new unit, and gameplay is more solid and dynamic. I highly recommend the Sequel wished everyone this time for the players who have played the previous version. Now while for you who have never play it don’t worry i will love review about this unique game Anomaly Korea Review

Unique because this game using the concept of the reversal of the Tower Defense, where you will play an army that should be around the city complete the mission in the midst of the siege tower-tower alien. The mission given by the Anomaly Korea very vary from escort an important vehicle, take confidential data to destroy enemy aircraft that very dangerous.

When first start the game usually you will be given the amount of money that you can voterâ various types of vehicle, there is a strong steel layered vehicle, there that has high damage and is able to provide additional cylider for surrounding vehicles. In the middle of the game if you want to buy additional vehicles so you can access the screen buy and an airplane will execute vehicle, but there are also some places that protected so that you cannot buy additional vehicles.

The unique and stylish in this game is that you will decide for themselves the path that will be targeted and this is where the tactics you will be tested. There are so many the path that you can select for design a level that is located in the city with special blocks Korea. Fortunately is that you can change this path in the middle of the road to adjust to the new situation but the vehicle cannot move back so if you want to turn toward you must do 1 threads full block.

Each time you destroy the enemy and you will find an item power up random. The items power up this important role for missions you because the tower of tower opponents far more powerful than the vehicle you. This Item is divided into 4 basic function namely healing, damage booster, distraction and fog. Once you select the power up you must choose an area where the power up will take effect and every vehicle in the area will get the strength.

Along the game walk you will also be introduced to some of the new features such as a time bomb where an area will be bombarded by the aircraft so that you had to plan the route you so that are not in the place that will be attacked or also the enemy aircraft that can absorb the power of you to raise the aircraft that already you shoot fall. So far this is a feature that most felt increased compared with the previous series.

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In addition to the story mode which consists of 3 levels of difficulty you can also access a mode called the art of war. This mode really will test the tactics and skills you because you will be given a power up which is very small and you must not lose one vehicle. Gamers who love with extra challenge will be like this one mode.

Anomaly Korea Review graphics presentation be counted very well with the details that far increased compared to the previous series. Now you can see the small animation animation such as bridges that were destroyed to create more feel game life. One of the things I like is also every mission would be read by a narrator so that the impression of the war really appears. Overall Anomaly Korea is a game that is very fresh in terms of the concept of the challenge and have a graphic 3D is very good. Totally recommended.

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