You Must Know : 4 Different Class in Hearthstone

In this game, You Must Know 4 Different Class in Hearthstone create a deck consisting of 30 cards. But, before determining 30 what card will you use, you must first select the class what you want to use. There is nine class that you can select: Druids, Warrior, Mage Rogue Shaman, Paladin, Priest, Warlock, and Hunter. Each class has the class card or the cards that it can only be used by the class and have the characteristic of sometimes even its own unique mechanical. Also, each class also has a unique power that is called by the hero power.

Two unique aspects of each class that makes each class of his unique and ultimately create a deck with the style of the game that each different. Therefore, you as the player must know what the unique card, hero power and the force of general game from each class. So when you choose a class and create a deck, you will know how you can play the deck optimally. Also, you can also anticipate opponents movements quickly if you know the style of the game a class and deck.

This time, we will discuss nine class in Hearthstone, and what are the characteristics of the style of fundamental game each class.

Hearthstone Difference Class Druids

druid hearthstone

Druids Cards have unique mechanical, namely Choose One, where one card can have two choices of securities, for example for the card Spell Wrath, you can choose to remove three damage or 1 damage plus draw one card. This mechanical give Druids flexibility to play aggressive or defensive according to the condition of the game.

To Hero Power, Druids have Shapeshift, namely, give you one attack for one turn and also one cylinder. This will give you additional damage as well as add a little your wealth to withstand attacks. Hero Power is also can be combined with the card as Claw, Bite, or Savage Roar. Outside, Hero Power Druids have no other synergy.

But one thing that makes the Druids really strong is its ability to accelerate which crystal or known by the term “ramp.” A card as Innervate, Wild Growth, and Nourish can give you where the crystal in a while or permanent and astonish can produce greater Minion, and astonish directly ahead of the tempo game. And so you superior tempo and can be defended, you should be able to win the match with easy. Therefore, acceleration card as Innervate and Wild Growth is always there in almost all deck Druids in Hearthstone now.

On the contrary, if you are not able to control the tempo and Board since the beginning, you can only lose easily. This is because the cards removal Druids like Naturalize, Swipe, Starfire, and the other can be very bad. Like the image, for Starfire, ye pay five which remove five damage to the one Minion, who is worse than Fireball belongs to Mage (4, six damage to anyone), or 2 damage to all Minion, worse than Consecrate property Paladin (4, two damage to all enemies). So if you have been lagging due from the enemy, ye may be difficult to keep pace due.

Hearthstone Difference Class Hunter

hunter hearthstone

Hunter has Hero Power is unique. Steady Shot will produce two damage directly to the hero of the adversary. This is the effect of encouraging the player Hunter for as often as possible use damage directly to the hero opponents, not to Minion, to devoured him as soon as possible. Well, it is true. Hunter usually can finish the game with fast enough, but not only because the Hero Power but also because of the uniqueness of a fait accompli. read about Tips & Trick Playing Hearthstone For Newbie

Hunter is a class that is to take advantage of the use of beast. There are many cards that have a synergy with the Beast, for example, Houndmaster, Alpha Wolf, Tundra Rhino, Kill Command, and so on. This is the synergy that helps Hunter to produce damage of the greater good to control the Board or attack the hero of the adversary. Synergy is also equipped with several control card as Snake Trap, Range Trap, Unleash The Hounds, etc. So the hunter can keep his Beast Minion to then issued a synergy effect to defeat the enemy.

Want to play with the very fast or a little more slowly when using the Hunter, menage condition is to take advantage of the synergy of this beast with the card that you have and defeat the enemy as quickly as possible with the help of the synergy plus Hero Power!

But although is quite aggressive, Hero Power Hunter could not control the Board at all. So you really should be able to manage your asset, good Minion or Spell for maximum. If not, you as a Hunter can quickly out of the way to win in addition to keeping pressing the Hero Power. And if it fell in such conditions usually the enemy will be able to get you faster than you can prevail.

The Difference Class Mage Hearthstone

mage hearthstone

According to its name, Mage is a class that relies on Spell, both attack and survive. As Fireball card, Frostbolt, and Pyroblast is Spell with damage is very big and can help Mage to kill his enemies with a burst. While the card as Flamestrike, as well as various secret that is strong enough to help Mage control tempo game with good. Minion-Minion mage also many that have synergy on the use of Spell as Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Flamewaker, and of course Archmage Antonidas.

Mage is the only one in the class that takes advantage of Securities Freeze as Snowchugger, Water Elemental spirits, Blizzard, and Frost Nova. This effect can help Mage to withstand attacks and threats from the enemy and give the opportunity for the Mage to attack behind.

Good with deck aggressive or defensive, how to play Mage to win the match is always the same. Serang until the health of his opponents quite low. If it is quite low, a habit with the sequence of burst damage from the cards Spell.

But, Mage has a weakness that fundamental enough. As you know, not like Minion, Spell, which is the best weapon Mage, can only be used once. So if pressed until forced to use and finally run out of Spell without eliminating the enemies awaiting killing Mage by his opponents with easy.

Hearthstone Difference Class Paladin

paladin hearthstone

Paladin is a class that just “all-round”. The main game style ranges on the create value Your Minimon better than opponents with the divine shield as Shielded card or Argent Minibot Protector or buff as Blessing of Might or Blessing of the Kings. Also, Paladin also has debuff as Aldor Peacekeeper card or Equality Dan. This Hearthstone Hack style is also equipped with a Hero Power Paladin, Reinforce. This makes the Paladin almost always have a Minion that can take advantage of the buff and debuff.

Then the approach is also equipped with various types of omit card such as the guardian of the Kings and Holy Light, secret as Noble Sacrifice and Redemption, AoE like the consecration and Enter the Coliseum, burst damage such as Holy Wrath and Avenging Wrath, and weapons such as Truesilver Champion and Coghammer. Yeap, as stated earlier, just “all-around.”

With all the card and the approach, Paladin will attempt to dominate the Board with a strong enough Minion until his enemies could not offset. After that, you win during.

Because it is centered on the made little Minion to get the value that better with particular effects, removal or disable a single target will be very useful when facing Paladin, especially the effect of silence, effects such as Hex and Polymorph, or removal directly as Assassinate. By eliminating Minion high, Paladin will have difficulties to dominate the Board, and you have time to win the match.

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